A new interview with Carl Phillips

One of my favorite poets, and one I interviewed in my first book, is interviewed over at Sampsonia Way. (thanks eduardo). Here’s something to get you to read the whole piece:

One of the qualities of your syntax that might be considered strange is its pacing. You seem to hold the reader back with lots of commas and ellipses. Your sentences are tough!

I think of the syntax as being related to the erotic. In syntax embedded clauses and subordination are the equivalent of sexual stalling. It’s like foreplay. Not everyone thinks syntax is sexy. But it’s an interesting way to have the language enact what’s going on.

I think of the sexual and the spiritual as not being so far apart. Faith is just an abandoning of the self to something that, ultimately, you can’t know exists. How different is that from sado-masochism and having a mask or hood over your face and being gagged and forced to do whatever this person you can’t see tells you to do?  Even the position of prayer could be the position used to give someone a blow job.

3 responses to “A new interview with Carl Phillips

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  2. A great interview. Thanks for introducing me to this poet. I look forward to reading more. I thought his insights on why many people seem to crave rules, be it in relationships or in how to write a poem, were incredibly profound.

    • Art, he’s an amazing amazing poet. My interview with him in Outside the Lines covers a LOT of this same territory but it’s about 20 times the size. And he’s an amazingly sweet guy!

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