Assaracus: a celebration of gay poetry

I just want to publicly thank Bryan Borland and all involved in what was an amazing night in NYC last week.  Assaracus: a celebration of gay poetry  was a night of poetry, friends, and literary heroes. Subscribe now!

Some highlights of my time:

  • Getting to see Matthew Hittinger and hear him read from his forthcoming book Skin Shift. (Congrats, Matthew!) I also learned I was pronouncing Matthew’s last name wrong. Sorry, man!
  • Stephen Mills’ daring, touching, and funny poem about fisting.
  • Getting to see Michael Klein (what a powerful reader!) and getting to meet Tony Leuzzi for the first time.  They sat behind me and were usually the ones to laugh the loudest at poems with funny moments!
  • Getting to catch up with Philip Clark and having the honor of signing of book for him.
  • Getting to thank D. Gilson in person. He knows what he did. Thank you, sir!  You read wonderfully
  • Meeting Eric Thomas Norris for the first time in person and hearing about a new project he’s working on! Good luck, sir! It sounds exciting.
  • Of course, getting to spend some time with Bryan Borland and other great company at Moonstruck diner in Chelsea. (Great choice, M.H.)
  • But perhaps the highlight—hearing legend Ian Young speak, and hearing him read Whitman more powerfully than I’ve ever heard.  My spine tingles just remembering it. Thank you, Ian.
  • ( I know I’m leaving out people and things. Advance apologies. I should haven’t waited to long to post this! My brain isn’t what it used to be.)

Assaracus and SRP lovers:  If you liked he poems I read that night and would like a copy of my book at a discounted price, just email me at Christopher.Hennessy at gmail dot com with a note about if you were a reader or there to hear someone read or just a gay poetry lover. I’ll send you a copy for $10 (and I’ll pay shipping and handling)!

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